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From Buckeye to Show-Me State: Surviving the Process of Relocating with a Menagerie of Animals & Homesteading Dreams


Ohio and Missouri State Signs

Greetings! I know it has been a while and thought I would update you all on the going-ons over here at Straw In My Bra. If you haven't already heard, our headquarters relocated from Ohio to Missouri this summer.  If you have ever found yourself pondering the existential question, "Can one family, a dog, a cat, and a caravan of goats, chickens and bees really survive a cross-country move without losing their sanity or favorite gardening gloves?" – I'm here to confirm that the answer is a resounding "Almost."

Buckle up, dear reader, as I regale you with the tale of how we, a motley crew from the great state of Ohio, decided to throw caution, and apparently all reason, to the wind and embark on a grand homestead adventure in the heart of Missouri.

Now, picture this: two teenagers, a dog, a cat who thinks he's a dog,  20 goats (yes, you read that correctly), 4 beehives buzzing with ambition, and 5 chickens clucking their disapproval at every hiccup of the moving process. And oh, let's not forget the 15 years' worth of odds and ends we've somehow accumulated – apparently, we're sentimental hoarders. It was quite a feat to move all of us and our junk across several states but, some how we survived to tell the tale. 

What was waiting for us in Missouri, you ask? 160 acres and a new barn with solar power, because who needs electricity bills when you can harness the power of the sun to illuminate your vast collection of goat selfies? We've even gone so far as to design customizable pens for our caprine companions, because goats deserve choices too, right? 

We have also been busy planning our garden for next year and even started with garlic this fall.  We've planted a staggering 100 cloves of garlic, because nothing says "Welcome to the Homestead" like a breath of fresh garlic air. Our ambitious garden plans for next year are already in the works – a garden so large it might just qualify for its own zip code.

Garlic Garden

Our ultimate goal? To become self-sufficient homesteading maestros, living off the land and our own wits. With a slight tilt of our solar-powered hats, we've embraced the chaos, the quirks, and the questionable decisions that brought us here. Join us on this erratic journey, where every misstep is met with a dry chuckle, and every success is celebrated with a toast (probably bourbon, not goat milk, let's keep it classy).

In the words of the immortal philosophers known as The Rolling Stones, "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might just find, you get goats, garlic, and a new life in Missouri." Or something like that. Stay tuned for more tales from our homesteading escapades – where absurdity is the norm, and laughter is the best tool in our gardening shed.

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