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How many goats do you have?

We currently have 14 Nigerian dwarf goats- 9 females, 4 bucks and 1 wether (a fixed male). 

Why did you choose Nigerian dwarf goats?

We chose Nigerians because their small size means they require less land and resources. Nigerians also produce milk with some of the highest butterfat content, making for excellent cheese, fudge and- of course- soap!

Do you milk year round?

No. We dam raise our baby goats, meaning the babies stay with their moms until time of weaning. We only milk the goats as we are weaning the babies and we tend to dry them off shortly after weaning. We believe keeping the babies with their moms is most important. So our mama goats are only producing milk for 4-5 months each year to avoid stressing their systems.


Does you soap contain lye?

Yes, all soap contains lye, also known as sodium hydroxide. Lye is necessary for saponification ( the chemical reaction that creates soap) to occur. If there is a product that is meant to cleanse hair or skin and it does not contain lye then it is not soap, it is considered a detergent. Sometimes soaps will have "saponified oils" in the ingredients list and that means that the oils were saponified by the reaction with lye ( so lye was used to make the soap). 

Are your soaps "all natural"? 

This is a tricky question to answer. The term "natural" is unregulated in reference to cosmetics and skincare and many companies have their own definition of what natural means. We are very transparent about the ingredients in our products. We use ingredients that are easy to pronounce and try to minimize the ingredients used.  We do use fragrance oils but we make sure that they are nitro musk and phthalate free- most are a blend of essential oils and proprietary blends of synthetic fragrances. We only use paraben free preservatives in our liquid soaps. None of our ingredients are on the California Proposition 65 list. 

Does your soap help eczema, acne, psoriasis, etc...?

The FDA does not allow soap makers to make any medical claims as to the healing benefits of their soap. All we can say is that many of our customers have been pleased with how our soap makes their skin look and feel


As a small business, I cannot compete with Amazon's Flash Gordon approach to shipping. Many of the products ( shower steamers and lotion bars especially) are made to order to ensure top quality and peak freshness. I make every effort to ensure that your shipment arrives at your door within 2 weeks of ordering (processing is usually 3-7 days and then we ship priority mail).  If you have any questions or concerns about the status of your order, please contact me at